Historical Background

Early on, Real Science has taken a back seat, as it had been since the first few days of the 20th Century, when Space Age technologies were at its dawn.

It was tolerable then since some people were truly afraid of the disruptive advances of Science like the wireless technology of Nikola Tesla, especially with pioneers in the financial sector.

“The present is theirs; the future for which I really work is mine.”

Nikola Tesla

After Tesla was murdered in 1934 by George Sherff, Jr. according to Hitlers’ bodyguard Otto Skorzeny, his papers describing exotic technologies were all sequestered in the name of US national security.

Many pioneers in the field of electrotherapy followed in his footsteps and invented many curative machines using electromagnetics to reduce the size of tumors [Priore], and resonant radio waves targeting specific virus type [Rife].

In the 1970’s, Dr. Robert O. Becker discovered a way to regrow severed limbs back to it original form.

He patented this technology, but no one in the medical establishment and mass media really cares.

“The sheaths surrounding the nerves are not merely insulation, as described in established biology, but are “real wires” that reach into each area of the body to create a normal electrical environment around each cell, or a stimulatory one when healing growth is needed.” –

Dr. Robert O. Becker, author of The Body Electric

Is there such a thing as Science in vaccines?

The number of types of viruses are simply overwhelming and yet the self-proclaimed experts are perpetually promoting a “solution” that is only specific to a single virus, every single time.


Is it logical to do that in order to protect you from an impending viral infection, you must be injected with the same virus?

Why can’t we question the claims for vaccine if they are indeed founded on real science? Isn’t it the foundation of the Scientific Method to ask questions, which may led to the proper definition of the problem at hand?

All of the above are not the type of questions they are so concerned about. In fact, their concern is nowhere near the trajectory of healthcare in general.

“Is curing patients a sustainable business model?”

This fundamental question has been asked as of late to a Goldman Sachs executive, whose company has huge investments in the pharmaceutical industry. Her response was shockingly honest.

“The potential to deliver ‘one shot cures’ is one of the most attractive aspects of gene therapy, genetically-engineered cell therapy and gene editing. However, such treatments offer a very different outlook with regard to recurring revenue versus chronic therapies… While this proposition carries tremendous value for patients and society, it could represent a challenge for genome medicine developers looking for sustained cash flow.”

Ms. Salveen Jaswal Richter, CFA, is a Vice President at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Research Division since October 2015, during a CNBC interview.

Bloating the Numbers to Deliberately Induce Fear with Pseudo-Diagnostics

The PCR test was never designed to diagnose, or determine what type of, viral infection one might have. It cannot see, nor identify, any specific virus at all.

The purpose of conducting a PCR test is solely to confirm the presence of fragments of specific virus that is put into the vaccine, and for which the vaccine manufacturer already knows beforehand that it is putting virus into the vaccines because that’s how vaccines are designed in the first place, until the mRNA injections pseudo-vaccine were unleashed on hapless population all around the world.

Does the medical laboratory knows beforehand what type of infections you might have when they subject you to a PCR test? Obviously, they don’t, but they are all claiming that they can see whether you’re positive of a viral infection, or not.

Dr. Karry Mullis, the Nobel Laureate inventor of the PCR test repeatedly warned the public about the potential misuse of his invention. He died three months before the Event 201 workshop cum press conference, which announced the incoming pandemic that governments around the world were not prepared to handle.

Three months after Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum [FEW] and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, the pandemic they’ve announced had commenced. in Wuhan, China.

Governments around the world scrambled for cover, literally. Worse, most governments hang on every word Event 201 organizers said like a retiring prostitute, with some politicians agreeing to unconstitutional vaccine supply contract terms and conditions with sovereign wealth guarantees for payment, and protection from lawsuit arising from the use of chemical products covered in Emergency Use Authority [EUA] only.

Even military organizations are threatening their members with expulsion from the ranks and possible promotions to higher ranks, decorations and other awards, attending military academies, as well as tuition assistance with higher education, according to an official memo obtained by DefenseOne.

Worst, some of these officials in authority essentially agree that any thinning of the herd scheme is well justified due to the limited of resources available to sustain a growing population. Yet, Nature has already provided seeds that multiply thousand of times without chemical interventions.

Social Engineering or Extermination?

Today, we are looking at similar invasive events happening during the days of Nazi Germany, e.g. manipulative propaganda, treasonous collaboration, medical experimentation, coercive inoculations, persistent lockdown, segmentation, isolation, and mass surveillance.

But are these draconian measures even have the slightest justification in Science?


Viruses and Bacteria Travel Along a High-Altitude Superhighway

New microbial data from high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Spain has spawned an intriguing theory for the widespread dispersal of viruses and bacteria. The microbes hitch a ride on tiny dust and soil particles that are whisked around the world on high-altitude air currents, according to a paper in the journal of the International Society for Microbial Ecology.

… That might explain why Reche’s high-altitude microbe collectors found billions of viruses per square meter settling on the mountains each day along with tens of millions of bacteria. The majority of the microbes had piggybacked on specks of soil-dust from both water and land environments that got swept up by surface winds into the upper atmosphere, where they cruised tens of thousands of kilometers before settling on the Spanish peaks.

… Curtis Suttle, a virologist at the University of British Columbia and co-author of the study, told Seeker that while scientists have long known that viruses and bacteria can become aerosolized — when tiny particles go airborne — this study was the first to prove that “incredible numbers” of viruses and bacteria are floating around above the boundary layer.

“It’s always been a bit puzzling how come these things are everywhere,” said Suttle. “It’s now pretty clear that they’re being swept around the planet.”


Even if the government and the people it is supposed to serve can afford to pay for it, is there a single individual who can actually withstand hundreds, if not a thousand, of inoculations at all, just so one can be protected from the countless micro-adversaries floating around the atmosphere?

All that’s happening today is not just an affront to our individual intellect, but a grave, unwarranted invasion into our own privacy and physicality via the police powers of the State. This should also tell us how smart our elected officials really are.

Indeed, the present climate of fear is caused by a mixture of ignorance, arrogance, and the intoxicating power of authority to employ outright coercive tactics that in time will be revealed as nothing but exercises of futility, nay absolute stupidity.

All suggestions of better alternatives are simply ignored, deliberately maligned, or expunged from public discussions with much enthusiasm, while the documented dangers inherent with the promulgated protocols, however mindless they are, e.g. face shields, genetic engineering, are all covered up.

At the time of writing, the pharmaceutical industry continues to peddle constantly changing narratives about the exclusive virtues of their medieval concoctions to tame the pandemic, in spite of the absence of factual science to support their claims, as evidenced by the multiple booster shots that seem to have no effect on their own PCR false positive driven numbers at all,

FDA recalls millions of Covid test kits over false results

The US Food and Drug Administration has issued “the most serious type of recall” for popular home testing kits that show if one is infected with coronavirus. At least 2.2 million products may have been showing false positives.

Some 2,212,335 kits produced by the Australian-based biotech company Ellume and distributed in the US potentially show false positive SARS-CoV-2 test results, the public health agency said in a statement on Thursday.

The antigen test, which detects coronavirus proteins, was authorized for emergency use by the FDA last year.


… and of course, the recent damning revelation of willfully covered up clinical data by a Pfizer whistleblower.

So this is not about corporate profits anymore, but the final solution to eradicate what they’ve long been considered as the “useless eaters”.

Who gave them the right to destroy lives beyond their own?

The Coming Days

The coming days will reflect how We, supposedly intelligent beings, reacted to the aggressive attacks on our body, mind and soul today. This will be our defining moment as the species which claim superiority over all other lifeforms on the planet.

Will we stand as dignified and divine spiritual beings we truly are, and refuse the deliberate destruction of human lives for the sake of the elite few [WEF]?

Or, will we just succumb to the darkness blatantly imposed on us, without even igniting a little spark that could potentially start a fire burning so bright to get us through the night, until the dawn of existing technological wonders finally finds itself basking at the sight of the morning sun?

As you can see, we’ve already made our choice.

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