Suggested Daily Treatment Schedule

When a user begins treatment for the first time, the body is typically experiencing the highest population of parasites and viruses.

The concentrated presence of these harmful agents in the bloodstream necessitates shorter treatment durations per session during the initial weeks to prevent overloading the liver, kidneys and spleen with toxins, i.e. toxic neutralized parasites and viruses. It is important to tailor the treatment duration based on your detoxification efficiency and the severity of your condition.

In the first week, when the parasitic infection is at its peak, it is recommended to start with the shortest effective treatment duration per session.

Below is our suggested daily treatment schedule, which can be adjusted to reduce the overall length of the treatment, but it is not advisable to extend the duration under the false belief that it would accelerate your recovery.

Week 120 minutes10 minutes5 minutes
Week 240 minutes20 minutes10 minutes
Week 31 hour40 minutes15 minutes
Week 41 hour 30 mins1 hour30 minutes
Week 52 hours1 hour 15 mins45 minutes
Week 62 hours1 hour 30 mins1 hour
Week 72 hours1 hour 45 mins1 hour 15 mins
Week 82 hours2 hours1 hour 30 mins
Week 92 hours2 hours1 hour 45 mins
Week 10 and onwards2 hours2 hours2 hours

The provided schedule is specifically intended for adults. For children undergoing the treatment under adult supervision, it is advisable to reduce the duration per session to 50% of the recommended adult duration. It is crucial to emphasize that any modifications to the schedule should only involve reducing the durations, as longer durations do not hasten recovery from infections. On the contrary, they can cause harm to the liver, spleen, and kidneys. It is important to prioritize the well-being of these organs and avoid unnecessary strain during the treatment process.

IMPORTANT: Maintaining careful observation during the treatment process is of utmost importance. It is recommended to keep a detailed log of your treatment progress, including the date, duration, time, and any reactions experienced. In case of detoxification failure, indicated by symptoms like headache, fever, or skin rash, it is essential to promptly increase your water intake.

If symptoms persist despite increased hydration, it is advisable to take a break from the treatment until the symptoms subside. However, it is crucial to continue drinking plenty of water throughout the entire treatment course to support the detoxification process.

In the event of a fever resulting from inefficient detoxification, it is generally recommended to avoid taking medication unless absolutely necessary. Instead, focus on regulating your body temperature by consuming generous amounts of water and taking cool baths until the fever subsides. You can resume the treatment the following day, but it is important not to rush the process. Remember that you have gained control over your health and can adjust your treatment schedule as needed, as long as you have a comprehensive understanding of the principles underlying the protocol.

Longer treatment sessions don’t necessarily lead to faster healing and recovery.

Quite the contrary, as it will push auto-detoxification into a hyperdrive known as Herxheimer Syndrome.

Faster healing can only be achieved with efficient removal of the day’s annihilated parasites. Please don’t take this warning lightly. This is very crucial especially in advanced cases where the window for error is so narrow.

If you do this very strictly, the bloodstream can be thoroughly cleansed of its adversaries in just a matter of 3-4 weeks, and the more than 2000 neuropeptide types, including interferon and interleukin, could start regenerating again, thereby restoring the full integrity of the autoimmune system within the next 2 months, or so.

When the autoimmune system is fully restored, it could in turn begin the cleansing of the organs of their own infections. A fully functioning organ contributes to the stability of the entire system.

Allowing your own body to work for, and by itself, towards full remission is the most logical and safest protocol there is in combating all types of viral and parasitic infections, known and unknown.

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