Billionaires’ Sinister Plot for a Global Government is Not Stopping!

The undeniable trend is to enhance the utilization of governmental police and military capabilities to protect the global elite from the Great Awakening that the global population is now undergoing. Moreover, they are intensifying these efforts by extensively deploying Artificial Intelligence to observe and monitor each individual worldwide. This provides them with the ability to blackmail anyone opposing their self-serving objectives.

The European Union’s “Energy Performance of Buildings Directive,” the legislation overseeing energy performance standards for EU buildings, is set to serve as a mechanism for a substantial wealth transfer initiative.

The EU has mandated a minimum 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and aims for all buildings—commercial, public, and residential—to meet zero-emission standards by 2050. To achieve this, stringent renewable energy requirements will be imposed on homeowners.

An illustrative example is the complete phasing out of fossil fuel-based heating systems by 2035. Homeowners will be obligated to install new “green,” likely electric, heating systems at their own expense. The estimated cost for meeting these new energy standards is approximately 100,000 euros for a residential house.

The overarching objective appears to be compelling people to vacate their homes. Those unable to afford the mandated upgrades will be compelled to sell their homes. Subsequently, asset management companies are poised to acquire these properties and convert them into rental units.

On September 20, 2023, the President of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) approved a pandemic prevention declaration, granting pandemic authority to the World Health Organization (WHO). This approval bypassed a full assembly vote and disregarded objections from 11 member states, which should have precluded a consensus adoption of the declaration. The UN is circumventing procedural rules by having the UNGA president, rather than the General Assembly, endorse the declaration.

The Goal is To Exercise Ownership of You

In the video provided, Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen, a bestselling Norwegian novelist, outlines how the European Union’s “Energy Performance of Buildings Directive,” the legislative tool setting energy performance standards for EU buildings, is slated to facilitate a substantial wealth transfer initiative.

In March 2023, the EU Parliament voted to amend this directive as part of the “Fit for 55” package, with the objective of achieving a minimum 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. By 2050, the EU aims for a “zero-emission and fully decarbonized building stock,” implying that every building—commercial, public, and residential—within the EU should meet zero-emission standards by 2050. This ambitious goal involves the imposition of new requirements on homeowners.

As an illustration, if the European Parliament’s proposal is adopted, heating systems reliant on fossil fuels are slated for complete elimination by 2035. Homeowners would then be mandated to install new “green,” likely electric, heating systems at their own expense. According to Bull-Hansen, the estimated cost for complying with these new energy standards is approximately 100,000 euros for a residential house.

The ultimate objective, as explained by Bull-Hansen, is to compel individuals to divest themselves of homeownership. In cases where one cannot afford the mandated upgrades, selling their home becomes a requirement, and prominent asset management companies like BlackRock and Vanguard are poised to seize these properties.

Moreover, there’s the possibility that a house failing to meet the stipulated standards may be deemed unsellable by the government, potentially leading to seizure or the imposition of fines. In the United States, BlackRock and Vanguard initiated substantial bulk purchases of residential homes in early 2021, opting to rent them out rather than sell, thereby diminishing middle-class homeownership. Their practices of paying above asking prices also artificially inflated home values, placing homeownership further beyond reach.

This phenomenon extends to the rental market, with rent prices experiencing a significant surge, and tenants expected to bear additional costs for energy upgrades. Consequently, not only has homeownership become increasingly unattainable for many young individuals, but renting is also financially challenging, forcing some to reside with parents or multiple roommates. The foreseeable consequence is a potential surge in homelessness.

Bull-Hansen underscores that the elimination of personal property ownership aligns with the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Great Reset agenda, Agenda 2030, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals—all interconnected components of the same overarching plan. The WEF’s video, “8 Predictions for the World in 2030,” cheerfully proclaiming that “you will own nothing” by 2030, elucidates various facets of this global plan, emphasizing the shift from product ownership to service-based models.

A departure from the traditional model of purchasing something once and enjoying indefinite ownership is imminent. The advocated shift steers us toward a system where renting becomes the norm for various essentials like homes, transportation, furniture, and household items—an evolution that may already be noticeable.

An illustrative change lies in the realm of software. In the past, software was acquired through a one-time purchase, often on a disc, enabling installation on any desired computer using the provided CD. Presently, a predominant trend is the adoption of cloud-based subscription models for most software programs. Users are required to pay a recurring monthly or annual fee for continued access. Although individual fees may seem modest, the cumulative cost over a lifetime of usage surpasses the expense incurred when outright purchasing the software.

Bull-Hansen underscores the significance of homeownership in defining the middle class. More crucially, it has served as a means of building and preserving generational wealth throughout history. Eliminating the opportunity for individuals to own their homes has the potential to erode the middle class, leaving a stark divide between the affluent and the impoverished.

“It doesn’t matter if you believe this will be good for the environment or not,” Bull-Hansen says. “This is about controlling you. This is about owning you … This is a wealth transfer that we’re looking at, and we can’t accept that. Ownership is important. It’s a very, very essential concept …

If you take ownership away, what you’re left with is feudalism. Someone’s going to own the stuff that you need, and they will be the so-called ‘elites’ … So we must put our foot down and refuse to accept this.”

Is Civil Disobedience Enough Countermeasure?

Our sole recourse, as emphasized by Bull-Hansen, lies in peaceful disobedience. He contends that we must actively resist or risk acquiescing to a state of serfdom. The impending system of subjugation not only entails the erosion of human rights and cherished freedoms, such as unrestricted travel but also involves the confiscation of wealth and the eradication of opportunities for future wealth accumulation.

The aim extends beyond depriving individuals of homeownership and the potential to build generational wealth. With the advent of a central bank digital currency (CBDC), interest earnings will be forfeited, and automated tax deductions will be implemented. Additionally, the authorities will dictate spending parameters and impose expiry dates on funds, preventing the accumulation of savings for unforeseen circumstances.

The overarching agenda of the globalist cabal is to establish a permanent slave class devoid of rights, freedoms, and avenues for escape. Participation in the “green” proposals, used to rationalize this wealth transfer scheme, implies a conscious choice of embracing poverty and enslavement for oneself, one’s children, and all future generations. Once this global system of control is firmly in place, dismantling it becomes an extraordinarily daunting task.

The potential consequences of disobedience, including government control over bank accounts, restrictions on accessing essential services, internment in infectious control camps under the guise of public health, and the manipulation of electric vehicles, become increasingly severe with the implementation of an AI-driven digital surveillance and control grid linked to digital identities, programmable CBDCs, and unified ledger systems.

Bull-Hansen acknowledges the challenges and repercussions of resisting the globalist “green” agenda. However, he emphasizes that a collective refusal to comply is crucial, as this power grab by globalists hinges on mass obedience. A united front against these initiatives is posited as the key to thwarting their plans.

If you’re unfamiliar with this subject, you might be curious about the identity of the “globalists” seeking to orchestrate this worldwide power shift. While I won’t provide specific names here, it’s becoming increasingly straightforward to discern these individuals by scrutinizing their public statements, positions, business ventures, and affiliations.

The reason for this ease of identification is that many are no longer attempting to conceal their involvement, and organizations established to advance the agenda are becoming more transparent about their objectives. As an illustration, on June 5, 2023, the United Nations released a document explicitly expressing its commitment to designate the World Health Organization as the central global governing body.

The following excerpt is extracted from page 9 of the Zero Draft of the “Political Declaration of the United Nations General Assembly High-level Meeting on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response” document, prepared in anticipation of the September 20, 2023, General Assembly meeting.

The conclusive version of this document, released on September 1, 2023, has omitted all headings; however, the overarching objective of establishing the World Health Organization (WHO) as a de facto global governing body remains unaltered.

While the document primarily emphasizes the WHO’s authority in directing worldwide pandemic prevention and response, as previously outlined in various articles, it is essential to note that the WHO’s dominion extends beyond pandemics. The pandemic realm serves as a pretext to pave the way for broader influence.

The subsequent step involves the WHO’s expansion into general healthcare by advocating for the adoption of a universal healthcare system. This endeavor is presented under the guise of enhancing pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response, as delineated on page 11 under OP33 in the Zero Draft, and under article 22 in the final text.

Through the implementation of the global One Health program, which broadens the scope of “public health” to encompass aspects ranging from agriculture and pollution to travel and climate change, the WHO, or a derivative entity, is poised to assume control over all governmental functions.

Remarkably, the final text of the UN’s “Political Declaration” explicitly states that health serves as an indicator of “sustainable development,” establishing a direct link between the WHO’s pandemic authority and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.

The prevalence of lawlessness is exacerbating the plight of global citizens, as governments and international organizations engaged in this power consolidation are increasingly disregarding established rules, guidelines, laws, and treaties that have historically safeguarded some semblance of democracy and the rule of law.

A recent instance of this disregard for established procedures is evident in the approval of the pandemic prevention declaration by the U.N. General Assembly (UNGA) president. Notably, this approval occurred without a full assembly vote and despite objections from 11 member states, including Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Eritrea, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Nicaragua, the Russian Federation, the Syrian Arab Republic, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.

Francis Boyle, J.D., Ph.D., a bioweapons expert and professor of international law at the University of Illinois, who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, highlights that the objections from 11 nations should prevent the declaration from being adopted by consensus, hindering its potential incorporation into customary international law. Despite the lack of consensus in the UNGA, efforts are made to gain approval through the UNGA president, raising concerns about misrepresentation and manipulation of the declaration.

This situation is particularly disconcerting as the declaration, which envisions permanent COVID-19 power grabs, advocates for universal vaccination, heightened surveillance, vaccine passports, social media censorship, and an “integrated One Health approach.” The latter, as explained earlier, serves as the primary mechanism for the World Health Organization (WHO) to govern all facets of human life.

The troubling aspect is that even in the face of opposition and dissent from countries, U.N. leadership is sidestepping established rules and proceeding with the Deep State plan. This conduct foreshadows the kind of behavior anticipated from a “One World Government,” where rules are selectively adhered to by those in power, while stringent regulations with severe consequences are imposed on the general populace. This was reported by The Defender on September 20, 2023.

“Critics called the declaration, which seeks to create a global pandemic authority with the power to enforce lockdowns, universal vaccination and censorship of ‘misinformation,’ ‘hypocrisy’ and ‘unhinged.’ The approval came as part of a high-level meeting on PPPR [Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response] …

In a statement, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, ‘If COVID-19 taught us nothing else, it’s that when health is at risk, everything is at risk.’ He linked the PPPR to the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), saying world leaders should ‘show they have learned the painful lessons of the pandemic’ …

Writing for the Brownstone Institute, Dr. David Bell, a public health physician, biotech consultant and former director of Global Health Technologies at Intellectual Ventures Global Good Fund, said ‘the main aim’ of the declaration ‘is to back’ the ‘pandemic treaty’ and IHR amendments currently under negotiation by WHO member states.

Bell said a ‘silence procedure’ is in place, ‘meaning that States not responding will be deemed supporters of the text.’ He said the text is ‘clearly contradictory, sometimes fallacious, and often quite meaningless,’ and intended to centralize the WHO’s power.

Bell told The Defender, ‘The declaration was not written with serious intent, but is essentially empty rhetoric promoting a continued centralization of control that the U.N. and WHO are openly seeking, at the expense of democracy, human rights and equality.’

Francis Boyle … agreed … ‘This is a full-court press to have the entirety of the United Nations Organization, its specialized agencies and its affiliated organizations, back up and support their proposed globalist WHO worldwide totalitarian medical and scientific police state,’ he said.”

Why Does the Deep State Reveal Its Plans?

In recent years, particularly in the last three, the global mafia known as the Deep State has become increasingly transparent about its plans. However, even decades ago, the blueprint for a “New World Order” or a “One World Government” was discernible through published white papers, reports, subtle hints in movies and entertainment, and disclosures during tabletop exercises.

One might wonder why they openly reveal their plans instead of keeping them secret to avoid resistance. Surprisingly, there is a method to this seeming madness, as explained in the video above titled “Revealing the Method: Esoteric Symbolism as Mind Control.” In essence, the strategy for a global governance system employs mass mind control to condition people to accept the loss of personal power by fostering familiarity and acquiescence to three types of loss:

  1. Loss of memory (amnesia)
  2. Loss of will or initiative (abulia)
  3. Loss of interest in that which is vital to one’s health and well-being (apathy)

These psychological conditions are deemed necessary for the global cabal to successfully implement a global government. The cabal utilizes mind control methods, such as the subversion of sacred symbolism and archetypes, to promote these conditions.

By employing occult and esoteric symbols, they appeal to humanity’s baser instincts, animalistic appetites, compulsive urges, and “inharmonious drives that conflict with an individual’s higher conscious nature.” The ultimate objective is to arrest individuals’ spiritual development and impede the evolution of spirit within society.

The consistent use of symbolism across their actions may also reflect an ego-driven facet of the cabal’s megalomania. It serves to assert their dominance among themselves and subconsciously to the masses, while simultaneously ridiculing those they perceive as inferior.

A noteworthy aspect of the cabal’s use of symbolism is that the symbol often carries the opposite meaning of its mainstream consensus interpretation. For instance, the hammer and sickle symbol on the former Soviet Union’s flag is commonly associated with the tools of the working class — industry and agriculture, signifying a “working class utopia.” However, its occult meaning predates the Soviet Union and aligns with Saturn, a demi-urge who used a sickle to sever the unity of earth and heaven, becoming the architect of the material world. In this occult perspective, the cabal is likewise preoccupied with material matters, aiming to own, shape, and control the material world.

The hammer, in this context, represents the obliteration of matter, serving as the “final act of chaotic destruction” to usher in their envisioned new order. It is the instrument that shatters the last remnants of divine will within mankind, leading to a process where humanity devolves into a post-human world.

From an occult perspective, the hammer and sickle symbolize the tyrannical rule of an elite class determined to disconnect mankind from the divine and ultimately destroy it. Contrary to the mainstream view of a unified utopia, its occult meaning portrays a divided dystopia.

While this summary provides a brief overview, it is recommended to watch the detailed video for a more in-depth exploration of these concepts, offering food for thought.

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