Bret Weinstein Exposes the World Health Organization’s Dark Agenda

Bret Weinstein, an American podcaster, author, and former evolutionary biology professor, has revealed that the World Health Organization is the central mechanism via which the corporate elite will carry out their totalitarian plans for population decline and control.


So you’re saying that an international Health Organization could just end the first amendment in the United States?

Yes and in fact um as much as this sounds I know that it sounds preposterous but it does not sound preposterous. The ability to do it is currently under discussion at the international level, and it’s almost impossible to exaggerate how troubling.

What is being discussed is in fact I think it is fair to say that we are in the middle of a coup that we are actually facing the elimination of our national and our personal sovereignty and that that is the purpose of what is being constructed that it has been um written in such a way that you are… your eyes are supposed to glaze over right as you attempt to sort out what is it uh what is under discussion, and if you do that then come May of this year your nation is almost certain to
sign onto an agreement that in some utterly vaguely described future, circumstance a public health emergency, which the director general of the World Health Organization has total liberty to define in any way that he sees fit.

In other words, nothing prevents um climate change from being declared a public health emergency that would trigger the provisions of these modifications and in
the case that some emergency or some uh pretense of an emergency shows up the provisions that would kick in are um beyond jaw dropping.

So before you get into it and I just want to thank you by the way for taking the time to go through this proposal because you’re absolutely right, it’s impenetrable it’s designed to be to cloak what they’re saying rather than illuminate um what’s it called?

Well, the funny thing is actually I was looking um this morning to find out what the current name is and the names have actually been shifted slightly clearly a feature.

Oh it’s a shape shifting?

Yeah, agreement it is so what I would do in order and I’m it’s unclear to me how much that’s just seem designed to confuse somebody who tries to sort it out and how much that’s designed to.

For example, um game the search engine technology that might allow you to track the changes because to the extent that the name has shifted um so smart I call it the um World Health Organization Pandemic Preparedness Plan right, and what is under discussion uh are some modifications to the global public health regulations and modifications to an existing treaty.

But all of this makes it sound minor and procedural what has been proposed are uh and again the number of things included here is incredible it’s hard even for those of us who have been focused on this to track all of the important things under discussion and to deduce the meaning of some of the more subtle provisions.

But um they uh the World Health Organization and its signatory Nations will um be allowed to define a public health emergency uh on any basis that having declared one they will be entitled to mandate remedies.

The remedies that are named include um vaccines uh gene therapy technology is literally named in uh the set of things that the World Health Organization is going to reserve the right to mandate um that it will be in a position to um require these things of citizens that it will be in a position to uh dictate our ability to travel.

In other words, passports that would be predicated on one having accepted uh these technologies are um clearly being described it would have the ability to forbid the use of other medications.

So this looks like they’re preparing for a rerun where they can just simply take Zircon hydroxychloroquin off the table. They also have reserved the ability to dictate how these uh measures are discussed that censorship is described here as well the right to dictate that that of course misinformation is how they’re going to describe it well.

In fact, I want to ask you to pause and play a sound bite from Tedros um in which he alludes to this and I want to get your assessment of it here it is we continue to see misinformation on social media and in mainstream media about the Pandemic Accord that countries are now negotiating.

“The claim that the Accord will cede power to WHO is quite simply false, it’s fake news. Countries will decide what the Accord says and countries alone and countries will implement the Accord in line with their own National laws. No country will seed any sovereignty to WHO.

If any politician, business person, or anyone at all, is confused about what the pandemic Accord is and isn’t we would be more than happy to discuss it and explain it.”

WHO Chief, Tedros

So he’s going to be more than happy to discuss and explain the misinformation that you’re yeah that is now spreading that is comforting um well on the one hand I must say I had not seen that, and um it is tremendously good news actually what it means is that once again we have managed to raise awareness of something in time that there is uh conceivably a better outcome still available to us.

So, they’re spooked enough to bother to lie about?

You couldn’t have said it uh more accurately. Yes those were clearly lies, and of course, uh his saying that into a camera is supposed to convince you. You know nobody could possibly lie so directly, so there must be some truth in what he’s saying, which is of course nonsense and…

Anybody who goes back through uh Matt Ora’s compendium of various things that people have said into cameras over the course of Covid that they then swear they didn’t say, you know months later, um knows that these folks are very comfortable at saying totally false things into a camera.

(It) doesn’t cause them to to think twice, or sweat, or anything. But it’s great that we have managed to raise enough awareness that Tedros is actually addressing uh our spreading of what it actually is a malinformation. You’re aware of this uh this yeah oh it’s beautiful.

So, I was I’m so old that I was still stuck in the truth or falsehood binary. Yeah where what mattered whether it was true or not.

No no no, the malinformation is actually exactly what you need to know about to see um how antiquated that
notion is because um this is actually the Department of Homeland Security actually issued a memo um in which it
defined three kinds of, I kid you not, terrorism mis– and malinformation.

Misinformation are errors. Disinformation are intentional errors, lies and malinformation are things that are based in truth but but cause you to distrust Authority.

So malinformation is what you commit when you catch them lying?

Yes, exactly. Yeah, it is it is discussing the lies of your government, uh is malformation, and therefore, a kind of terrorism, which I should point out as funny as that is and as obviously Orwellian… as that is it’s also terrifying because if you have tracked the history of the spreading tyranny from the beginning of the war on terror.

You know that terrorism is not a normal English word the way it once was. Terrorism is now a legal designation that causes all of your rights to evaporate so at the point that the Department of Homeland Security says that you are guilty of a kind of terrorism for saying true things that cause you to distrust your government, they are also telling you something about what rights they have to silence you.

They are not normal rights so um these things are all uh terrifying and I do think, the covid pandemic caused us to become aware of a lot of structures that had been built around us, something that um former NSA Officer William Binny once described as the turnkey totalitarian state.

The totalitarian state is erected around you but it’s not activated yet, and then once it’s built the key gets turned and so we are now seeing I believe something that even outstrips William Binney’s description because it’s the turnkey totalitarian planet, right?

The World Health Organization is above the level of Nations and it is going to be in a position if uh these Provisions pass to dictate to Nations how they are to treat their own citizens to override their constitutions despite what Tedros has just told you.

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