Shocking Discovery: British Doctor Reveals Disturbing Secrets About COVID-19 Vaccines!

Dr. David Cartland, a courageous British physician, has faced criticism for his concerns about the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, leading some to label him a “conspiracy theorist.” He drew attention to a recent study indicating the development of rapid cancers in mice receiving intravenous injections of these vaccines.

Dr. Cartland is among many healthcare professionals and individuals who have observed a concerning increase in cancer cases following COVID-19 vaccinations.

In a Belgian study published on May 1, 2023, 14 mice were administered two Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. As Dr. Cartland reported on August 20:

  • Two days after the second Pfizer dose, one out of fourteen mice (7%) suddenly died and exhibited aggressive cancer with lymphoma infiltrating several organs, including the liver, kidneys, spleen, lungs, and intestines.
  • Notably, this turbo cancer mouse appeared without any clinical signs of illness before sudden death.

Dr. Cartland asserts that this is the second study demonstrating the “turbo cancer” effect following Pfizer mRNA vaccination, which he believes should have been conducted by Pfizer and Moderna on mice before human trials.

“These were the types of studies that Pfizer & Moderna should have performed on mice but never did.”

Regarding safety considerations, Cartland highlights that the mouse study involving 14 subjects was actually more extensive than the one conducted to approve COVID-19 Omicron mRNA booster shots, which were administered to hundreds of millions of people. He points out that only eight mice were used to test these boosters. In fairness, Moderna did later conduct human trials as well.

Dr. Cartland, known for his role as an NHS whistleblower, openly describes himself as an unwavering critic of the COVID-19 policies, and he has taken significant risks to defend the interests of humanity, jeopardizing both his reputation and livelihood. He is a qualified physician with an additional degree in biomedical science, and his website indicates that his education encompassed training in immunology, microbiology/virology, statistical analysis, and research into blood vessel growth.

Dr. Cartland, a married individual with four children, made the decision to resign from the government-operated National Health Service in February 2022, citing concerns about the UK government’s handling of COVID-19. He specifically noted the puzzling behavior of medical professionals who refused to acknowledge facts that contradicted the perilous and alarming official narrative. The accuracy of these claims has been subject to fact-checking.

Critics argue that the study’s findings in mice don’t necessarily translate to the same risk in humans since the mice received injections directly into their bloodstream, whereas the mRNA vaccines are administered into the shoulder muscle. As one “fact-checking” site has it, “any animal can spontaneously develop tumors.”

However, it’s important to note that the mRNA and DNA in these vaccines have been found to spread throughout the body, contradicting earlier assurances by Pfizer and Moderna.

Pfizer’s “biodistribution study” has shown that the substance injected can move beyond the shoulder muscle and has the potential to generate harmful spike proteins in all organs of the body, including critical ones like the heart and brain. This aligns with the findings of an October 2022 study regarding vaccine-related fatalities.

In addition to providing various medical services, Dr. Cartland’s website offers video interviews and content to subscribers, including an interview with UK Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen, who has faced criticism as “conspiracy theorist” for questioning the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines. He was subjected also to “silly things” such as having his parliamentary office of 11 years moved to “a lightless room at the other end of the estate” from the debating chamber.

“I have come to the conclusion that the last place that is going to admit what is going on in this country is going to be the chamber of the House of Commons” – the so-called mother of parliaments.

Bridgen’s skepticism arose from personal suffering due to vaccines side effects, leading to his suspension from the Conservative Party and accusations of spreading misinformation. He has also faced allegations of being an “anti-Semite” for discussing evidence of vaccine-related injuries.

“A consultant cardiologist, once stated that he considered the situation regarding COVID-19 vaccines to be the most significant crime against humanity since the Holocaust,” said Andrew Bridgen. Shortly thereafter, he found himself expelled from the ruling party.

Bridgen has been attempting, albeit unsuccessfully, to initiate a parliamentary debate on the astonishing and unexplained 170,000 excess deaths that occurred in England and Wales from 2019 to December 2022.

According to Bridgen, members of the opposition Labour Party have steadfastly avoided discussing this issue. There seems to be a cross-party consensus that the vaccines are unquestionably “safe and effective,” and any dissenting views are met with silence. Concerns about corruption related to COVID-19 at the highest levels of British politics have also been disregarded.

The unelected Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party, Rishi Sunak, has historical ties to a company that invested £500 million in Moderna, a manufacturer of mRNA vaccines. Sunak consistently characterizes these injections as “safe and effective” but has evaded questions regarding any personal profits from this association.

Without the services provided by individuals like Dr. Cartland, British voters and patients might be deprived of alternative medical advice and political insights that challenge the sponsored narrative surrounding the so-called vaccines.

Dr. Cartland’s online content serves as a valuable summary of the growing body of evidence regarding the experimental vaccines. His work represents a prime example of a thriving network outside the conventional and discredited political and medical establishment. This network’s emergence and success have been driven by the loss of trust in previously respected institutions.

Dr. Cartland’s work is offering alternative perspectives on the COVID-19 vaccines, which are produced by companies indemnified against any injury claims. This network seeks to provide critical medical advice and political insights that challenge the official narrative surrounding these vaccines.

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